It has already been such a great year. So far, we have had 63 NEW moms join Hope House! We could not continue to grow and serve more teen moms without your support!

Gift cards are a vital resource to our teen moms. This year we have already given over $20,000 worth in gift cards to our teen moms to help them pay for necessities. The main uses were for gas, groceries and clothing (school clothes). We collect a majority of our gift cards at the end of the year and use them throughout the entire year. This year we have accepted $10,807 worth in gifts cards. Our goal is to reach $31,000 in gift cards by the end of the year. Would you be willing to donate a $25 King Soopers or Walmart gift card?

All gift cards can be mailed into or dropped off at Hope House! We are open for drop offs between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on weekdays.

Address: Hope House Colorado: 6475 Benton St BLDG A. Arvada, CO 80003