“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

Amelia Earhart

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Ready to become a graduate?

Great! Below are the requirements:

Required Core Areas:
Complete all items below

  1. Intake
    within one month of orientation
  2. Parenting Questionnaire
    within one month of orientation
  3. Pairin Meeting
  4. GED, HiSet or H.S. Diploma
  5. College Consultation
  6. Financial Literacy
  7. Parenting 101
  8. Story of Hope
  9. Job Upgrade
  10. Career Development Class
  11. Child enrolled in childcare/school
  12. Further Education Certification
    or Full-Time Job earning a sustainable wage
  13. Giving Back
    Help out at a HH fundraiser or attend a giving back outing


Education/Career Electives

  1. College Campus Tours
  2. Cool Careers
  3. Career/Job Fair
  4. Business Tour

Parenting Electives

  1. Parenting 200 Level Class
    Age Specific
  2. Families Class

Healthy Relationships Electives

  1. Grief Group
  2. Addictions Workshop
  3. Sex Education Series
  4. Self-care Series


  1. Table Talk
  2. Faith 101 class
  3. Moms Night or Lunch Bunch   

Program Graduation:

The Program Graduation is a dressy event where staff gets to celebrate all of your hard work! It’s an evening all about YOU! A limousine will provide transportation. Mocktails, appetizers, dinner and dessert will be served, and you will be celebrated!

How do you become a Community Program graduate? See the requirements above!

Earn your Christmas Points!

Here’s how…

Economic Advocacy:

  • Car Pooling: 5 Points
  • Complete Your Needs Assessment: 20 Points
  • Goal Planning Meetings: 20 Points 
  • Budget Meeting with Hope House: 20 Points 
  • Obtain Your Driver’s License: 25 Points
  • Holding the Same Job for 3(+) Months: 50 Points

Personal Advocacy:

  • Complete Orientation: 10 Points 
  • Attendance at Other Classes : 1 Point
    Moms Night, Lunch Bunch, etc.
  • Complete a Pairin Meeting: 20 Points
  • Complete a Parenting Questionnaire: 20 Points
  • Referring a New Teen Mom to Hope House: 10 Points
  • Giving Back Activities/Supporting Hope House: 25 Points
    Attending the 5k, Speaking at an Event, etc.


  • Attendance at Educational Classes: 3 Points
    GED, College AND Career, Parenting, Story of Hope, etc.
  • Completing a Class Series: 25 Points
    Parenting 101, Story of Hope, Job Upgrade, Sex Series,etc.
  • Walk in GED Graduation: 25 Points
  • Completing a Semester of College (with C’s or Above): 50 Points
  • Complete Education Certification: 60 Points

Early Learning:

  • Attending an Early Learning Program Event: 10 Points
    Facility Tour, Field Trips, Mommy and Me Class, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Child Find Class
  • Enroll your child(res) in a Licensed Childcare Setting: 25 Points


*You will lose 5 points for every class or meeting you sign up for and miss!
Earn points all year long to use at our Christmas Shop in December!