January is National Mentoring Month and we want to recognize our mentors who invest so much of their time and love into our teen moms and their young ones.


Mentoring my teen mom has given me the blessing of giving back to a wonderful teen mom and hopefully the ability to impact this young family in a postiive and life changing way. I believe that I have been given so much through my life, struggles, and joys that menotring or volunteering in general, is something I am called to do. The ability to take the life lessons and experiences that I have learned and cotninue to learn on a daily basis and walk along side a young mother/teen and pour love and hope and sometimes inspriataion into her life has been a real treat. Of course, as always, as the mentor, we are usually the ones that reap the most benefit! From the relationship, the overall experience and the reward of being able to walk beside someone who needs you or wants to learn from you. Thank you to Hope House for providing this opportunity!

-Carolyn, Mentor

Hope House of Colorado Mentoring Program

Mentoring for me has meant a chance to be a support for someone who is feeling unloved and has been let down by almost every one else in their lives. The impact of mentoring has been both rewarding and strengthening. I personally have grown from mentoring by learning when and how to help someone else without just doing it for them. My relationships outside of mentoring have been strengthened from this process because I have learned to be thankful for the support I have in my life. Mentoring has personal rewards beyond words. I could list some things that have been rewarding for me but I believe each person will find rewards that are very individual. Rewards I have experienced are better connection in my personal relationship, a chance to reach out to youth and know I am impacting the future of more then one person and a better ability to define my boundaries.

-Sarah, Mentor

Hope House of Colorado Mentoring Program

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