Thank you!

We want to say THANK YOU to all who helped make our 2010 Christmas so special. So many of you participated in our "Adopt A Family" and volunteered to help with our party! Our teen moms and kiddos were blessed this Christmas with lots of gifts! Please enjoy some of our favorite photos and quotes from the kids when they saw Santa…

Santa Quotes:

"Are you the real Santa or a fake"
(I am a Santa Helper)

"I will leave some milk and cookies for you, do you like anything else?"

"I would like a baby for Christmas"
(I think they meant a doll)

"Santa, I love you" (Several children)

"Santa, would you come and color?"
( I did go to the coloring table and colored with the children and several of them gave me their creation as a gift)

"Santa, could you sit at my table?"

"I would like a Rupunsel doll for Christmas".

Response to have you been good this year? I help my mommy by putting my toys away or doing what she tells me to do.

"Where did you park the sled?"
(There isn’t much snow this year so I left them further north)

"Santa you look skinny, have you been exercising a lot this year?"


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