Spending more time at Suubi House!

Our three staff members from Hope House of Colorado were able to spend a few hours at Suubi House, Uganda last Thursday. We gave introductions, got a tour of the home, our parenting teacher gave a lesson, took many pictures and shared lots of laughs. It is amazing to see the sense of community they have at Suubi House. It is apparent that the girls who are living at Suubi are thriving. The support of organizations YFC and How101, community, love and safety that is provided there is truly making a difference. Their girls are noticeably different than the others. When our Parenting teacher spoke to the girls about the normal struggles of parenting, one of the teen moms, named Immaculate, opened up and shared her story with us! She said that she had in the past struggled with being affectionate with her little one and has now learned how to show her love. She completely connected with what our teacher was saying! It’s amazing to see God’s love and our work at Hope House travel to another continent!

Below: Teen Mom, Immaculate and her daughter Immy




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