Suubi Open House

We had so much fun visiting with Miriam and Mary, the staff from our sister home, Suubi House, during our barbecue last week! We got to share how God is working in the lives of our girls, both here and in Uganda. Brittany, a Residential Graduate, asked Miriam what the Suubi girls dream about for the future. Miriam shared their goals for completing school, and having work, and a safe place to raise their babies – Brittany said "They’re just like us!". As the afternoon faded, we read aloud from a letter written by Immaculate, that she’d sent all the way to America. She wrote " We are so glad to write to you, and if we could, we would write to you every day, because it is nice to write to the people you love. Thank you so much for being our friends, and we love you so much. May God bless you today, tomorrow, and forever.



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