Celebrating our amazing teen moms at the 11th Annual Hope House Gala on Saturday, $223,000 was raised by nearly 500 attendees! Teen moms Alicia and Zayra moved hearts as they shared their stories, and volunteer Cheryl Aggus inspired people with her heartwarming story of becoming two-year-old Darian’s "best friend." Auctioneer Gary Corbett raised the roof, and the crowd went wild when Pastor Ken Brown of Broomfield United Methodist Church hopped on a bike and wheeled around the stage! After the auction, our teen moms kicked off their shoes and danced the night away with our guests – a fitting end to a fun-filled evening!

Alicia, Mentoring Program: " I found out I was pregnant when I was 16… I moved to Virginia with my boyfriend, but he became abusive. Not even my family would help me. I found Hope House on the Internet, played the video, and saw teen moms and kids who looked happy. My daughter said "Mommy, I want to go there!" I called Hope House as soon as I got to Colorado. Now I have a Mentor, my GED, and even a job through their Business Partnership Program. I have positive women around me for the first time in my life."

Zayra – Residential Program – "I became pregnant at 16… I felt so alone and ashamed. I didn’t know how to take care of a baby. I didn’t know what to do. I ended up moving in with my aunt, and I found the Hope House GED Program. Everyone there was so nice to me, so supportive. They loved me and my daughter. I decided to move into the Residential Program, and now I am earning a degree in Early Childhood Education!"

Cheryl – "I volunteer at Hope House because I love to play! When Darian first came to Hope House, he wouldn’t talk. After weeks of playing blocks and reading books, he opened up and started to talk to me. One day I came to Hope House and Darian was standing on the couch looking out the window.
"What are you doing, little guy?"
"I am waiting for my "best fwend" Cheryl!"

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