Thank You, Ken Davis!

Professional comedian Ken Davis made us laugh, and his amazing storytelling helped us to raise over $20,000 for Hope House programs. If you would like to purchase any of Ken’s books, DVDs or CDs, click here. A big thank you to Ken Davis for his support of the teen moms at Hope House!

If you missed the show but would like to make a donation to Hope House, click here.


Mentoring Empowers Teen Moms

Many of our teen moms face daunting challenges. Consider KayLynn, who is 19-years-old and the mom of a toddler. KayLynn lives with her mother and younger sister — and she is the primary breadwinner for the entire family because her mom cannot work due to health issues. Fortunately, through our Mentoring and Business Partnership Programs, KayLynn was offered an internship at Iron Mountain. She did so well at her job that Iron Mountain recently made KayLynn’s position permanent. Today she is earning a competitive salary plus benefits and continues to be an amazing teen mom!

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