Hunger is Real: Teen Moms Living Below the Poverty Line

Click here to donate now toward gift cards for our teen moms!

With 68% of teen moms living below the poverty line, Hope House is no stranger to hunger. In fact, our teen moms often show up to class hungry, which is why we provide breakfast, lunch and snacks during GED Lab and dinner during our Parenting and Healthy Relationship classes.  


Would you like to help us feed more teen moms and their little ones this year?


Hope House keeps a supply of gift cards on hand to help our teen moms when they are in crisis. In an effort to restock our gift card supply, we are collecting King Soopers and WalMart gift cards. You can even host an your own gift card drive by collecting gift cards from your friends or holding a special event at your house.

All donations are tax deductible.  For more information, contact Lisa Schlarbaum at or 303-429-1012, ext. 241.


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