Our new Learning Lab will change a national statistic!

Did you know only 1% of teen moms will graduate from college?  And post-secondary education is essential for achieving self-sufficiency!


Many of the teen moms who successfully graduate from our GED Program drop out of college or vocational school due to the challenging barriers they face, including no access to a computer or printer or even effective tutoring.


The good news is Hope House has a tremendous GED Program, with an 80% graduation rate. Of graduates, 90% receive assistance from us with applications and financial aid paperwork for continuing their education. Our new Learning Lab, designed for our GED grads who move on to post-secondary education, will provide:


• Free access to computers and printers
• Free tutoring
• Weekly individual education plans, providing structure and guidance for navigating college classes successfully
• Career-building workshops
• Access to our Mentoring, Parenting and Healthy Relationships Programs


You can help! We need volunteer tutors, and we must raise $18,000 to make the Hope House Learning Lab a reality. In order to have our Learning Lab ready for the fall semester, we are launching a pilot Learning Lab on July 30th. Please invest now so that we can keep our GED graduates on the road to self-sufficiency!



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