Did you know only 1% of teen moms will graduate from college? And post-secondary education is essential for achieving self-sufficiency!

Many of the teen moms who successfully graduate from our GED Program drop out of college or vocational school due to the challenging barriers they face, including no access to a computer or printer or even effective tutoring.

The good news is that our new Learning Lab, designed for our GED grads who move on to post-secondary education, opens September 10th! This new program will provide:

• Free access to computers and printers
• Free tutoring
• Weekly individual education plans, providing structure and guidance for navigating college classes successfully
• Career-building workshops
• Access to our Mentoring, Parenting and Healthy Relationships Programs

We are very excited to offer this new program to our amazing teen moms, and if you would like to be involved, we need volunteer tutors as well as volunteer administrative help. Or you can make a donation toward our new Learning Lab, investing in the futures of our teen moms and their little ones!


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