A delicious yet simple meal that brightened up Parenting Class for our teen moms. Their children, who were cared for by volunteer babysitters, also enjoyed the meal — and cake pops, too!

The harsh reality is that many of our teen moms struggle to feed themselves and their child — which is no surprise when you realize that 100% of our teen moms do not earn enough money to rise above the poverty line (yet!).

You can help feed these young families and encourage them as they continue working toward self-sufficiency! Prepare a meal or pick one up at your favorite take-out restaurant. Ask your friends to join in, which is what Tammy Atchison did when she and the Seven Sisters joined together to treat our teen moms and their little ones to this wonderful, warm meal!

You can also help with childcare during our various classes or join our tutoring team. For more information regarding how you can get involved at Hope House, please contact Lynn Martinez at lynn@hopehousecolorado.org.




















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