Vanessa* first used alcohol at the tender age of 8. She dropped out of school in 10th grade and became a mom at age 16. Unfortunately these are common realities for a young woman growing up in poverty. However, not only did Vanessa grow up in generational poverty, she also grew up in an environment that did not trust the police force and actually hated police officers.

Fortunately Vanessa found Hope House where she earned her GED and joined our Mentoring program. Wanting to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty, she explored a variety of career options. Through this process, Vanessa had the opportunity to go on a drive-along with an Arvada police officer. This experience completely changed Vanessa’s perspective of the police force, and she now wants to join the legal system by becoming an attorney! We look forward to offering Vanessa practical support through our Learning Lab as she enrolls in college to pursue her dream!

Thank you for your support, which helps us to transform the future of teen moms like Vanessa, successfully breaking the cycle of poverty.

*Names have been changed to respect the privacy of our teen moms.

Editor’s note: As this story was being finalized, Vanessa coincidentally stopped by our Resource Center to pick up a Hope House King Soopers card. She said she shops at King Soopers and is excited to "have a way I can give back to Hope House!" Vanessa did not know we were writing a story about her, and we had no idea she was coming in for a Hope House King Soopers card… this is yet another example of God’s hand moving at Hope House! If you would like a Hope House King Soopers card, click here!



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