Teen moms striving to break the cycle of poverty usually have a limited vocabulary and lack the ability to communicate with standard word choice. These deficiencies are passed on to their children — which means both generations lack the language abilities necessary to succeed in school.

In fact, children of teen parents are 50% more likely to repeat a grade and are less likely to graduate from high school. This is a significant problem because education is key in breaking out of poverty.

The good news is that children who attend a high quality Early Childhood program are:

· less likely to repeat a grade in school
· less likely to drop out of high school
· more likely to attend and graduate from college
· more likely to be employed as an adult
· less likely to receive public assistance as an adult

Hope House recently launched its Early Learning Program, designed to enhance language acquisition skills in the children of our teen moms, better positioning them to break the cycle of poverty. Learn more about our Early Learning Program or our many Volunteer options.


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