For the second year in a row, Hope House teen moms and their children participated in the City of Westminster’ annual Pride Day Clean-Up.

The Westminster community took to the the city’s open spaces and parks on a sunny Saturday morning for a thorough spring cleaning, and 40 Hope House teen moms, kids and staff members joined in by picking up trash in Rotary Park.

Melinda Smith, Hope House’s Parenting Coordinator, spearheaded this event to help the teen moms in her Parenting Class model to their children the concept of giving back to the community.

“The community where you live is important,” says Jamie O’Reilly, a graduate of Hope House. “I loved the chance to show my children how to give back!”

After cleaning up Rotary Park, the Hope House group attended the volunteer barbecue at Westminster City Hall, which featured fun activities for adults and children alike. Click here to read about Hope House teen moms giving back in the Westminster Window.



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