Non-profits across the state received record-breaking donations during this year’s Colorado Gives Day, including Hope House. In fact, Hope House received a total of $58,598, the most in our history, which will help us to serve the kids waitlisted for our Early Learning Program.

Thank you to all 140 donors who gave to Hope House through Colorado Gives. Many of these donations came from people who are new to Hope House, and we are excited that the news about Hope House of Colorado’s programs is spreading across the state. Also a note of great appreciation to the Robert W. & Susan T. Brown Family Foundation, the Ideker Family Foundation and an anonymous donor for providing an amazing $26,000 in incentive funds.

What does this mean for Hope House? It means we will be able to expand our Early Learning Program and help the children who are waiting to enter this program. This is fantastic news because early learning is a key factor in elementary school success.

However, preschool programs are not free, which means middle class children start elementary school with a distinct advantage over poverty class children. There are other advantages to quality Early Learning programs as well, including the fact that the children who attend are:

• more likely to graduate from high school
• less likely to have a teen pregnancy
• less likely to end up on public assistance

Thank you again for providing the funds necessary to offer Early Learning to many more of the children of our teen moms. Together we are changing two generations!



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