If you've ever built your own home, or even done a remodeling project, you have some idea of the enormity of the building project that Hope House is planning! I would be lying if I didn't share that there are times when it feels overwhelming.

Recently I had one of those moments after watching a flurry of emails between our architect and our Early Learning Coordinator about the proposed new Early Learning Center and building licensing regulations. I just sat at my computer and started praying. "God, I feel in over my head on this! We've never licensed a Learning Center! We need help!"

Literally 24 hours later we heard from a long-time Hope House Prayer Team member Janeal Roberts-Doctolero. Janeal had recently retired as an executive with Children's World Learning Centers, where her job was to open Early Learning Centers all over the country – including the Center in the Pentagon in Washington. The best part? She is now working hard to help us navigate the opening of the Hope House Early Learning Center!

God sent us just exactly who we needed to help us with the building design, licensing and program development for our Early Learning Center. Now I have a new prayer.
"God, thank you for sending exactly who we needed and for reminding me that You love our little ones even more than we do."


Lisa Steven
Hope House Founder & Executive Director

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