Imagine walking to a bus stop and then navigating several bus lines — with a baby and a diaper bag and a stroller —  in order to get to daycare and then to work… and then doing it all over again at the end of the day.

This is reality for many of the teen moms at Hope House, making the journey to self-sufficiency extremely challenging. 

In fact, a lack of reliable transportation is one of the biggest barriers to self-sufficiency for anyone trying to break out of poverty, which is why we give a donated, used car to our graduates. Reliable transportation can make all the difference in keeping a teen mom on the road to self-sufficiency!

We have several teen moms who are about to graduate from Hope House, and we are in urgent need of donated vehicles that are in good running condition. If you can help, please contact for information on how to make your donation and tax deductions.

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