A few weeks ago I sent an email letting folks know that I wanted to share our "God Stories" around the building of this new Resource Center and Early Learning Center. When we built the Residential home, I wrote the stories down in journals – this time I want to share them in "real time" as they happen:)

I have to admit that I was getting a bit discouraged last week. It seemed like there were closed doors at every turn. I had my eyes on the bottom line, and that was creating fear and doubt. By Friday I finally decided I'd better ask my little prayer team to pray (I should have asked Monday!).

This morning I met with a family owned heating and plumbing company, hoping they might consider discounting their services. Five minutes into looking at the drawings the owner said that he'd already considered what they were going to do to help. Then he told me he intends to DONATE the plumbing. All of it. Underground, rough and trim. Oh, and by the way, he wants an electronic copy of the drawings so he can ask his colleagues to donate the fixtures, and maybe even the excavation for the site work.

The crazy thing is that God already knew who He planned to work through for this huge piece of our project. After all these years of Him providing, I still think I have to make things happen myself. Silly me – God's got this:) 

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