Hope House served a record-breaking 153 teen moms and 230 children in 2015– which would not have happened without our amazing community that shows our teen moms they matter!

Hope House champions give to Hope House in so many ways… financial donations, tutoring, childcare, meal prep, office support, landscaping, painting… the list goes on and on.  Our donors and volunteers made the following a reality in 2015:

90 GED Lab Sessions
17 Residential and GED Graduates
82 Parenting Classes
218 Counseling Sessions
48 Healthy Relationships Classes
113 Children received Early Learning Instruction
15 Teen Moms Successfully Completed One or More College Semesters
9,649 Meals Served

What do these numbers mean? They show just how the lives of 153 teen moms and 230 children were transformed last year.

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