THE WRKOUT, a charity fitness competition to benefit the self-sufficiency programs at Hope House, is coming up August 20th.  THE WRKOUT is an intense, full-body workout that a team of certified trainers created to push you to your limits through a series of 10 unique and challenging exercises.
Each team will work their way through THE WRKOUT over the course of an hour. At each station, there will be a certified trainer who will explain the exercise to ensure that the participants are executing the exercise correctly and keep track of the score.
It is up to the team to decide how each team member will compete at each station and to select the difficulty level of each exercise. The only rule is that only one team member can be competing at a time.
THE WRKOUT is designed for various levels of fitness and strength as you set the difficulty level of each exercise. However, the harder you push yourself, the more points you score!
Contact Rebecca Silvernale at  or 720.272.3226 if you have any questions


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