Hello, faithful building project champions!

It has been a while since my last update, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes! Although God never seems to move on my timeline, He has been on the move!

As you know, the cost of construction has skyrocketed in Colorado. Since the launch of our capital campaign to finance the building of the Resource Center and the Early Learning Center buildings, our project costs increased from $3.5 million to $4.7 million!

We considered securing a loan, or drastically reducing the size of our building. Neither seemed right.

Instead, we reached out to HomeAid, the philanthropic arm of the Colorado Association of Home Builders. HomeAid had previously approved our application to find a Builder Captain to build the Early Learning Center. We asked them to also build the Resource Center, knowing that this would be the largest building HomeAid has ever built.

Miraculously, HomeAid agreed!  Through this program, Meritage Homes will serve as the Builder Captain, resulting in a $600,000 savings in building costs!

Hope House will operate our Early Learning Program inside the Resource Center in 2018, and we will build the Early Learning Center in 2019, effectively breaking our project into two affordable phases.

Groundbreaking is expected to be January 2017, and construction will begin in April!

We are so thankful for your patience as we complete the biggest project we’ve ever attempted – tripling the number of teen moms we are able to empower each year!

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