Car Donations: Partnering with Good Neighbor Garage

Donate your car to benefit a Hope House teen mom and keep her on the road to self-sufficiency! In addition to the normal IRS deduction, you will also receive a Colorado state tax credit equal to 12.5 percent the value of your donated vehicle. But the best part is you are helping a teen mom overcome one of the biggest barriers to self-sufficiency: reliable transportation.
Once you donate your car to Good Neighbor Garage, it will most likely go directly to a Hope House teen mom. If the repairs on your car are cost prohibitive, it will be sold for parts, and the funds will be used for repairs on the cars of Hope House teen moms so we can keep them on the road to self-sufficiency as well.
If Hope House does not have an eligible teen mom available immediately, your donation will benefit a mom in need from another organization partnering with Good Neighbor Garage.  However, the next time Hope House does have an eligible teen mom, she will receive a car through Good Neighbor Garage from one of their direct donors. So, either way, your donation will ultimately benefit a Hope House teen mom!
*Your receipt and tax information will come from Good Neighbor Garage.

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