American West Supports Champions Hope House

Nonprofit organizations like Hope House depend on local companies that support their mission, and American West Construction, LLC has proven to be a true champion for the teen moms at Hope House.
Since its inception in 2002, this Adams County-based construction company has offered superior service and a quality product at the best value. American West also excels at challenging projects that require innovative approaches.
As the company has grown over the last 14 years, it has also emerged as a responsible, engaged member of the local community, supporting nonprofit organizations including Hope House and The Tennyson Center.
The leadership at American West strongly believes the company  has a responsibility to others and the local community to help provide for those who are in need.
“Hope House of Colorado does tremendous work and meets a real need in our community,” says Paul Snyder, President & Manager.
As the Platinum Sponsor for this year's 15th Annual Gala, American West Construction's support is greatly appreciated!

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