A lack of reliable transportation is one of the biggest obstacles our teen moms face. Whether it is a car that continually breaks down or hours spent on the bus between home, childcare, work and school, the challenges are significant.

Last year we were able to give a car to 12 teen moms when they graduated from one of our programs – all thanks to the individuals who donated their cars and the auto shops that fixed them up and got them road ready!

Jackie, a Hope House teen mom, is our latest recipient. A Hope House supporter donated their car, which is in good, used condition, and Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck provided an alignment, mount and balance; flushed the brakes; changed the oil and wiper blades; and even mounted new tires.  They will also show Jackie how to take care of her car, check fluids, and change a flat tire.

Having reliable transportation is already making Jackie’s dream of finishing college and becoming a police officer much more feasible!

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