“Inspiring learning through play.” That is the WOW! Children’s Museum’s mission and here at Hope House, we are all about fostering opportunities for our teen moms to engage their children through fun, educational experiences. It’s no wonder why we recently planned a field trip through our Early Learning Program to this popular museum in Denver last week with six of our moms and seven of their kids!

When asked, Hope House Volunteer Coordinator, Kailey Ramsett, said “It was great to watch Trinity (teen mom) play the piano with her son Anthony and see Temia (teen mom) inspire imagination with her son Legend as they pretended to play doctor.”

Our Early Learning Program is designed to enhance language acquisition skills and improve social/emotional skills in the children of our teen moms, better positioning them to break the cycle of poverty. We do this through age-appropriate language development lessons based on the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum from Teaching Strategies for Infants Toddlers and Twos, and outings like the one at WOW! Children’s Museum, that inspire continued growth and learning.


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