Last Saturday, our teen moms had the chance to create a wonderful Christmas for their child… thanks to you!

The hard truth is that nearly all of our teen moms live below the poverty line and are fighting to break this vicious cycle. This means that there is literally no money available for purchasing Christmas gifts for their kids.

The exciting news is that our teen moms were able to “shop” at our Christmas store, using participation they earned at Hope House all year long! They experienced the joy of shopping for their own child as a direct result of their own hard work.

“I can’t wait to see the look on my daughter’s face when she sees the present I picked out for her,” said Rosa, a Hope House teen mom. “It is the first present I have ever been able to buy for her, and she is six years old!”

A big thank you goes to our volunteers, who provided all kinds of toys, books and clothes as well as gift wrapping supplies, food, childcare and more to make this day a huge success. Our Christmas Shop simply would not have been possible without our amazing community!


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