Catilinah is a darling toddler who participates in our Early Learning Program while her mom Vanessa is busy in our self-sufficiency classes. As we do with all of the children who attend this program, our Early Learning Teacher screened Catilinah — and found that the toddler was in the black or gray area in all five zones of development, indicating she was significantly behind in all five areas, including language and fine motor skills.

Our Early Learning Teacher immediately scheduled a parent-teacher conference with Vanessa and gave her activities she could do at home to encourage Catilinah’s development. Additionally, our Early Learning Teacher and volunteers led Catilinah in development-specific activities at Hope House to further encourage her development.

The good news is that when we re-screened Catilinah eight weeks later, we discovered she had grown in all five areas and was no longer significantly behind in any single sector. This is just one example of how your support helps us prevent significant learning delays in the children of our teen moms!