Meet Ashley, one of our Hope House teen moms!

(1) FAVORITE PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR CHILD(REN). “I love to see my daughter happy with her life.”

(2) FAVORITE MILESTONE. “My daughter was so serious for the first couple months of life and I was able to capture her first smile on camera. It was so nice to see her smiling!”

(3) PICTURE OF FRIENDS YOU’VE MET OR AN ACTIVITY YOU’VE ENJOYED AT HOPE HOUSE. “I have really enjoyed the Mommy & Me classes at hope house. My daughter enjoys being at Hope House, but she really likes it when we can do stuff there together.”

(4) PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE AT HOPE HOUSE. “My favorite place at Hope House is the entire place. I love talking to the staff; they make me feel so welcome and loved. I love the classes that Hope House offers; they are extremely helpful with parenting and also self-help as well.”