Meet Leslie, one of our Hope House teen moms!

(1) FAVORITE PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR CHILD(REN)/FAMILY: “This is my favorite picture of me and my child on my first Mother’s Day.”

(2) FAVORITE MILESTONE: “My favorite milestone so far is my high school graduation; and I am now working toward my associate’s degree.”

(3) PICTURE OF FRIENDS YOU’VE MET OR AN ACTIVITY YOU’VE ENJOYED AT HOPE HOUSE: “An activity I’ve enjoyed at Hope House was the self-care class. I learned a lot from it, and I met amazing people like Kailey!”

(4) PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO BE AT HOPE HOUSE: “Our favorite place to be at Hope House would be the playground. We like the dining room area too because there’s always food and snacks for us to enjoy.”