Meet Ahriana, one of our Hope House teen moms!

(1) FAVORITE PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR CHILD/FAMILY: “Our first family photo after our youngest son was born! From L to R: Everett (baby), Dylan, Ahriana, Jayce.

(2) PICTURE OF AN EVENT AT HOPE HOUSE YOU’VE ENJOYED: “My favorite outdoor event was when we were invited to Moni’s home in the mountains to celebrate as Hope House graduates! Moni has a beautiful home with horses and land and it was a small event with graduates and staff where we got to sit out on the patio, and they showered us with love, support, hand written letters and gifts.”

(3) FAVORITE HOLIDAY MEMORY: “We bake and ice sugar cookies every year; it’s something my family and I look forward to doing together around Christmas time!”

(4) PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE HOMEMADE FOOD: “Birria tacos! I just recently learned how to make these. They take all day, but are SO delicious!”