We need to raise $25,000 to purchase a new van so our teen moms can keep moving forward! Access to reliable transportation is one of the key ways we help our moms on their path to self-sufficiency! Two weeks ago, an intruder stole keys to one of our vans and drove it off the property. Denver PD found the van and gave it to Arvada PD who informed us the perpetrator left evidence of crystal meth, fentanyl and marijuana inside. Hope House will not be using this van moving forward as we deem it unsafe for our children, moms and staff. We do not have it in our budget to replace a van, but in light of this situation our dream would be to have a van that is clean and safe for our moms and their babies. We hope to raise at least $25,000 to put toward a new van. Donations can be made through our donation page. Just select ‘Van Fundraiser’ in the Gift Preferences section. https://hopehousecolorado.org/donate-now/ THANK YOU!