20 Years of Helping Teen Moms

We sat down with the moms that were involved with Hope House over the last 20 years and asked them to tell us how Hope House impacted them.

The Gala Club

Our Early Learning little ones orchestrate an “escape” to make it to the Gala!

Residential House Tour

Take a quick tour of our residential house with a teen mom who lives there!


Our teen moms show that they have an Unbreakable spirit.

"Never Give Up."

Even the COVID19 pandemic can’t force our teen moms to give up on their goals and dreams.

“Teen Moms Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.”

With fierce determination to build stable futures for their little ones, our teen moms are true heroes!

“Because No One Can Do It Alone.”

The teen moms at Hope House are receiving the community support they need to build bright new futures.

“Carry On.”

Our teen moms carry many responsibilities… and hope! See how Hope House equips Trinity and other teen moms to change the future for themselves and their children!

“That’s Not the End of my Story.”

Teen moms at Hope House share their stories of hope and transformation!

“Every Teen Mom Has a Story.”

Chantia and other teen moms share their challenges — and their triumphs!

“Before Hope House.”

Teen moms open up about life before they found Hope House… and their lives now.

“2017 Nonprofit of the Year: Hope House of Colorado.”

Courtesy of the Arvada Chamber | VC: Mountain Media Production Company