Subbi (Hope) House in Uganda…

Today, our team visited Suubi House, where 6 teen moms and their kiddos live as they pursue higher education and careers.

We were in awe as we stepped into the house and realized it felt just like "our" Hope House. It feels safe and peaceful and the girls take pride in how nice their home is. At Hope House, in Arvada, CO, we always say there is just something about the house that is warm, welcoming and captures your heart. Our three staff members agreed that Suubi House felt the exact same way. It is amazing to see God’s love and provision for teen moms around the world.

As we gathered around their living room, the young moms and staffserved us cold sodasz as we exchanged introductions and heard their stories. We were honored and felt very much at home. It is amazing to see that what is most important for them, is a community to belong to.


Teen moms and their kiddos in front of Suubi House…






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