“I’ve done nothing but learn in the last year and a half. I’ve never felt such hope.”

These words perfectly capture what our Community Program Graduation night was like. Staff shared observations and blessings for each teen mom, and many of our girls shared sentiments similar to Allison’s sweet statement above.

It was an incredible night of celebration as we marked this significant milestone for our latest class of graduates. Meet each of these remarkable young women and hear their dreams!

Alexis is a full-time student at Red Rocks Community College and plans to have a career in Law Enforcement someday.

Sienna is working for a daycare center  as well as an in-home care company.  She plans to go to EMT school next, with the overall goal of becoming a paramedic.

Jessie works at a salon and does all things cosmetology. She plans to start a certificate program in January to eventually open her own salon. “But first I want to work my way up into the corporate part of my job now so I have job experience with business before I do my own thing,” she says.

Shantel is busy earning her Legal Administration certification through Penn Foster. Next she plans to attend Community College of Denver to work on her Paralegal associate degree. Her ultimate dream is to become a lawyer. 

Bria is a new student this semester at Front Range Community College.  She is working on an associate degree with dreams of becoming a probation officer someday.

Ahriana works as a Dental Assistant and has plans to go back to school to earn an associate degree in Dental Hygiene.  She plans to become a Dental Hygienist next.

Marlene is working in the health care industry as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She recently relocated to Wyoming.

Allison works as a teller at Academy Bank and loves how her job provides for her family!  Eventually she plans to go to college, too.

Candice is working full-time at Nestlé Purina, where she makes a wage that allows her to be fully self-sufficient.  She hopes to go to college in the near future to start working toward her dream of becoming a NICU Nurse.

Ashley is a student at Front Range Community College where she is working on her associate degree in Criminal Justice.  She hopes to be a Parole Officer once she finishes school.