Suubi Open House

See how much fun we had visiting with Miriam and Mary, the staff from our sister home, Suubi House, during our Open House!

Watch the video!

Hear from our three staff members as they share about our recent trip to Kampala, Uganda!

Spending more time at Suubi House!

Our three staff members from Hope House of Colorado were able to spend a few hours at Suubi House, Uganda last Thursday. We gave introductions, got a tour of the home, our parenting teacher gave a lesson, took many pictures and shared lots of laughs. It is amazing to see the sense of community they have at Suubi House.

Suubi (Hope) House in Uganda..

Today, our team visited Suubi House, where 6 teen moms and their kiddos live as they pursue higher education and careers.

Helping Teen Moms in Uganda!

On April 29th, three Hope House staff members will journey to Uganda for two weeks- and you’re invited to come along!